Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Analysis of Project in the Real World

Today in the world we are bombarded by advertisements from everywhere, we see them going to the grocery store, to school, and to work. As an advertiser your job is to reach your desired customer and influence them to buy the product. In specifics to commercial ads “We're exposed to these commercials every day, but we rarely realize their true impact on us. They can influence us to buy things we don't need…desire a lifestyle that we wouldn't necessarily agree with.” There are some imperative questions that must be answered with your commercial in order to be analyze and identified as effective. Questions such as “What is the product or service being sold?, What is the general mood or feeling of the commercial?, How does the commercial try to get your attention?, Who is this commercial aimed towards?, and How do the actors playing the characters affect your interpretation of the commercial?” If I were to create and ad for a vehicle in real life I would definitely chose to prepare a commercial advertisement. Not only because it seems fun but because when you broadcast on television you are guaranteed that your ad will be seen. "TV is the giant megaphone," said Isaac Weber, VP of strategy at MarketShare. "When you want to get a message out, that's still really the most powerful means to do it.” I shared my commercial idea and showed my webpage to 5 people, two of which were technically strangers to me (classmates). The feedback I received differed from person to person. Overall they all liked what I had prepared, they could see what I was envisioning for the commercial, I got advice and input that they felt would amp up what I had created. The webpage mockup was successful and everyone liked it, though my ad is not comparable to those created by graphic designers, it got the message across and I was told it looks easy to navigate so that was great feedback to hear. Stephan Vogel, Ogilvy & Mather Germany’s chief creative officer said “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.” That’s what I set out to do when I was making my promotions, this practice will only help train my eye and help me become better at creating advertisements.


Creative Content

In the making of the commercial and webpage it will take time and creativity. I planned to create a commercial script and webpage design. The commercial script is written out, split between what will be seen on screen (or video) and what will be heard in the audio. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the location I have decided to use, it seemed like the perfect place and environment to film this commercial since the Camaro is a high performance vehicle. The shooting times are during the day when then sun is high in the sky and then in the evening when the sun is just about done setting. I will be directing the commercial but hiring camera crew to work with. The commercial will need a male lead to play the mechanic and then an additional 8 extras to fill the background. The Camaro will get plenty of screen time and the slogan and website will be featured at the end. For the webpage I used Photoshop and Illustrator to create a nonfunctional mockup. The design I create is intended to be accessible on a desktop, laptop, as well as through mobile devices. The simple yet stylish design is engaging for the target customer.


Promoting this vehicle to the masses will definitely be a fun and interesting challenge. While I know ‘everyone’ isn’t the target market of the Camaro, I feel creating a commercial ad that everyone can enjoy and understand gets your product out there by word of mouth and through social media sharing faster. Being creative with the project was what I wanted the most for the ad and webpage, “Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding. It is what gives life to messages about products and services.” My commercial ad and webpage are two creative pieces that I feel came out organically as soon as I understood my product and customer. “Promotional and marketing strategies can also assist your business in understanding and connecting with clients and customers.”



The Big Idea

Creating an advertising idea around a car as epic as the Camaro takes some brainstorming and multiple tries. You never want to undersell a product that means so much to the creators and the customer. Rebecca Burchnall, head of consumer experience strategy at PHD UK, said, "In advertising, we’ve got a job to do in two parts. We’ve got to engage people at mass scale, and build a creative story.” As the creator of this campaign I wanted to appeal to the masses and have different individuals be influenced or inspired by certain facets of the commercial and web design. In my commercial personification of an object, attraction, and flirtation is used, I intentionally wanted to use sex to sell the vehicle, a more tongue in cheek approach than anything. Using sex to push products has been an advertising model for many decades and it seemed to be the most reliable when used appropriately. There's a fine line, and all too often these days brands are stepping way over it. Consumers are human, they will respond, but they're also smart, well-educated people who will soon realize that they're being manipulated.” I didn’t want to go overboard with the sex aspect and that’s where brainstorming helped. Another thing to remember about using sex as influence is “if your ad creates a sexual situation, it will get the desired response. However, that doesn't mean it can sell anything. There has to be context.” The context of my campaign is the vehicle itself and seeing it in action. The commercial will draw in the customer, mostly males, then they will be directed to webpage, which I took a manlier approach to. Today’s customer is greatly influenced by the first few seconds he or she spends on a web-page, and this is a major input to the buying decision. First impressions last.” The design is simple yet stylish and easily navigated to find and do what you intend. I wanted to create a web page that would attract and keep the customers attention as well as build business, by keeping things simple and consistent, and executing white space to “add an aesthetic element of classy sophistication. White does a lot to soothe the human eye, and rather than have a bunch of cheesy colors, intersperse a few colors with white to create a “popout” effect.” The commercial and webpage I feel work well together and balance out what the customer would want to see and have in a commercial compared to a webpage and vice versa.

Competitive Analyses

Competitive analysis on The Camaro ZL1 brought forward one competitor over all others, the Dodge Challenger. The Challenger is the most similar vehicle though the Camaro has had greater modifications. Both vehicles are considered muscle cars, but some have concerns about the labeling today, “Muscle cars today have lost their touch compared to how famous they were since the Ford Mustang released. In fact, most of the traditional American muscles have disappeared or improved into complex machines.” Car enthusiasts feel while the Challenger has stayed true to that label, in its body and vehicle capabilities, the Camaro has taken a different route becoming an everyday car for this generation. With that said the Camaro has still been ranked number one in best affordable muscle car, defeating both the Mustang and Challenger. “From its thrilling powertrain and rock-solid structure to its deft suspension tuning, sharp steering and indefatigable brakes, the Camaro is about getting you from where you were to where you are going with the biggest possible smile on your face.” The Camaro is a perfect fit for many muscle car enthusiasts and their interests. The Camaro has changed over the years and many are into the simplicity and minimalism styling of the car. “…the Camaro’s styling and design exhibits both characteristics. It has the best seats, the best driving position and the best visibility over the hood. Plus, the instrumentation and control layout emphasize ease of use over glitz and glamour.” If anything the Camaro is the Challengers biggest competition and vice versa. The Challenger is drawing in their customers using compelling innuendoes and satirical humor. One of the latest ads put out by Dodge was great in my opinion. ”One spot called "Warning" portrays Dodge as a drug by mimicking pharmaceutical ads with a laundry list of over-the-top warnings like "Dodge may cause loss of inhibitions and in some cases bodily functions." It played on both the tough and humorous side of things and in that case I feel it works. Their tagline “Domestic. Not Domesticated” is a play on words that sells the vehicle for what it is, Olivier Francois, global chief marketing officer for FCA, said in a statement, "'Domestic. Not Domesticated.' embodies what Dodge stands for as a proud American performance brand. Our cars show off some very American traits -- big, fast, powerful, fun to drive - all while being a completely valid choice as a safe and reliable family vehicle.” My Camaro commercial ad and webpage will be better based on two aspects. One, is my commercial is aimed to appeal to the masses, not just car enthusiasts’, by using attraction and flirtation which is something we all experience, it will connect the viewer to the context. Two, the webpage is suited best for the target market, the ones who will most likely be buying.

Chevy Camaro ZL1: "She has her demands, but you have the control"

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2017 is a stunning high performance vehicle that can be driven from street to track. The vehicle is sixth generation Camaro that has impressive speed capacities, hi tech features, and comfortability. It beats every rival muscle car and sport coupes in the world. “The ZL1 rockets from 0-to-60 in just 3.5 seconds and was recently recorded almost breaking into the 200 club going at an average of 198 mph.” I decided to frame the advertising in an attraction and flirtatious based concept. I wanted to create a slogan that was effective and memorable, “effective advertising slogans are memorable and give an accurate picture of what your business is all about – the slogan becomes an important part of your brand.” Personifying the car as a woman gives our male customer someone to identify the car with. The slogan created for the vehicle is just as sexy and accelerative as the car, “She has her demands, but you have the control.” This slogan captures the use of personification, as well as the attraction, and flirtatiousness that was intended. A strong advertising slogan ties all the elements of the campaign together, creating brand recognition in customers’ minds”, that’s why my slogan links up with the commercial and helps drive the narrative, though it can stand alone and still resonate with the customer that this car is the “she”. It’s important to remember that “Slogans build a brand identity that sets the company apart, drawing customers who want to experience the benefits of that brand”. The slogan is unique to the car and how it will make the driver feel, it indicates that the car will demand to be driven though the driver will have all control to make the car do as they please.

Wk 10 EOC: Advertising Channels

YouTube channel- Chevrolet can feature YouTube videos of the Camaro in action, viral videos get mass attention and spread worldwide.

Bloggers- Pay bloggers to try out the vehicle and document their experience.

Emails- emails to Chevrolet owners and potential car buyers.

Tablet app- Camaro app that can take you on a virtual ride, let you customize your car, and learn more about the Camaro and its history.

Events- Car shows where the Camaro and other competing vehicles will main event; racecar drivers will demonstrate what the vehicle can do.